Retirement Planning Services

Retirement is both a major financial goal and a significant life achievement. 49% of Canadians have said they hope to retire before the age of 60*, but making it happen requires considerable forethought and commitment. We can help you get there. Whether you are just starting to think about it, or have already established a Retirement Savings Plan, it’s never too late – or too early –  to begin saving.

Planning for Prosperity

A properly developed retirement plan has helped countless IPG clients achieve peace of mind. This comes from knowing that you and your spouse will have the financial freedom to make your dreams of a perfect retirement come true.

Our comprehensive approach

Creating an effective retirement plan often begins with more questions than answers. Before creating a custom retirement strategy, we must first identify your goals. Then we conduct an analysis of existing retirement savings plans, if any, such as Registered Retirement Savings Plans and company-based Group RRSPs and pension plans.

How we can help you

Our detailed analysis of your unique financial situation will allow us to help you:

  • Identify at what age you and your spouse can comfortably retire
  • Create a comprehensive retirement plan to achieve your goals
  • Ensure that your income objectives are achieved at and throughout your retirement
  • Maximize retirement planning strategies with a focus on tax-preferred retirement income
  • Take any measures required to address potential shortfalls in retirement income

*Statistics Canada, Summer 1997 Perspectives and Labour Force Survey