Fee-for-Service Platform

Independent Planning Group’s Private Series™ Program is an exclusive fee-for-service platform that makes management fees transparent and integrates the industry-leading financial products you choose to meet your high-end clients’ investment needs. It opens up new possibilities for both advisors and clients – allowing you to leverage your full range of expertise, while ensuring you are compensated for the value you deliver.

Customized for client needs

Your clients can get the one-stop financial services they desire from a single trusted source – you. Selecting from over 2,000 investment options from our product shelf, you can customize the Program to meet specific client needs.

Ideal for Advisors

The IPG Private Series™ Program helps advisors generate a higher revenue stream, and take business valuations to the next level. You can better annuitize your portfolio, and provide for a level of investment – between $100,000 and $1,000,000 – that has traditionally been under-serviced.

The flexibility to succeed

The platform is flexible, so you can provide your clients with a wide range of financial services optimized as you see fit. Negotiable fees allow you to design your own service offerings and pricing models to take advantage of your service focus.