IPG Virtual Office

We understand the need for effective technology solutions. The IPG Virtual Office is a proprietary internet-based client relationship management software system that interfaces with our Winfund database. It combines the functionality of a host of software programs to deliver back-office, contact management, compliance and portfolio analysis tools.

An efficient, effective solution

The IPG Virtual Office can help optimize productivity and cost-efficiency by:

  • Delivering contact, task, client, compliance and portfolio management functionality
  • Providing analysis on your book of business to keep your business goals and objectives on track
  • Automatically tracking compliance details for your clients
  • Rapidly updating KYC information 
  • Eliminating the need for several third party programs
  • Eliminating the need for duplicate data entry

Compliance Module

Our Compliance Module ensures that your clients’ risk tolerance and objectives are being met. Every account is monitored, and in the event your clients’ risk tolerance has surpassed acceptable levels, you will be automatically notified. In addition, the Module’s Risk Tolerance Calculators provide portfolio risk analysis to confirm that proposed portfolio of mutual funds will be within the prospect’s risk tolerance range.

Go green with a paperless office

All client trade paperwork is scanned and uploaded into our Virtual Office database and attached directly to the appropriate file. Electronic imaging will not only make you more efficient, but will also help to protect our environment.