It has been a pleasure being a part of the Independent Planning Group over the past 5 years. I must say they have exceeded my expectations on all levels, including compliance, systems and a genuine desire in helping us build our business. The transition process from Money Concepts to IPG was well thought out and although a lot of work, the process was executed very well. The atmosphere and camaraderie in the company has a feel very similar to the late 80's and early 90's at Money Concepts. My only mistake was not moving to IPG earlier than I did.
Chris Gordon
Sault St. Marie

I really enjoy working with Independent Planning Group because of the strong ethics and values that start at the top with Vince and Anne Valenti. I am a strong believer in family businesses, and as the major shareholders, the sense of family that emanates throughout the organization starts right at the top. IPG is an entrepreneurial company that I am proud to be associated with.
Richard Kizell
IPG Kingston

Good morning and Congratulations to you and all the staff!

It looks like IPG did very well in the IE Dealer's Report Card. And rightly so.

So, I just wanted to say - Great job and keep up the good work! Moving to IPG was the best move I could have made. Thank you.
Bev Young

August 1, 2010 marked five years since we joined IPG. The transition involved a lot of hard work and with the coaching and guidance from Vince and his team we transferred 97% of our clients.

What is different from Money Concepts?
Vince's integrity, approachability and leadership
Strong support from Allan Bulloch and his insurance team
A compliance department that is firm but supportive
We have our own fund company "Brigata"
State of the art technology
Ongoing and consistent professional development, mentoring & training programs
Jim Young
IPG Ottawa Central

One of the things that struck me as most unique about IPG is that it has always been a place where everyone knows your name.  I am especially referring to H.O. however many advisors know each other or have grown to know each other as well even though we are not in the same city.  I do not think many dealers can same the same thing.
Pat Magliaro

Integrity, professionalism, service, and technological innovation. These are just some of the reasons our company decided to do business with Independent Planning Group several years ago – and the results delivered have been as promised. Every member of the Independent Planning Group team has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long relationship with this organization.
The Millar Corporation/Millar Wealth Management

Vince Valenti and all the people at IPG have been an absolute joy to work with. The IPG Transition Plan and team assisted us through the transfer of some sizeable books to their dealership with very little difficulty. Their planning beforehand and their execution of the transfers were handled flawlessly. The Winfund/Virtual Office combination is powerful and easy to learn. Clients love the reporting options available to them. We are very pleased with our transfer and only wish we had done it sooner.
Murray A. Child, CFP,R.F.P., Branch Manager

IPG is absolutely the most organized and efficient dealership with a superb organized staff. No need to look anywhere else for support.
Ralph Neumann C.F.P., CLU